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    Eagle Scout Project

                                                        ROWLETT CREEK CEMETERY


    Located on Rowlett Cemetery Road off of Kathleen Drive.  The location is South of State Highway 121 and West of Custer Road in Plano, Texas.

    From the historical marker at the site, dated 1979.

    “In 1836 Dr. Daniel Rowlett (1786-1848), a Kentuckian, came to Texas with his wife and six other families.  Rowlett, a physician, lawyer, surveyor, and politician, settled near present Bonham.  He located much of his large 1838 land grant in the fertile area along present Rowlett Creek.

    After meeting in homes and outdoors, seven charter members organized the Wilson Creek Church of United Baptists in 1848, under leadership of the Rev. David Myers.  In 1852 the name became “Rowlett Creek Baptist Church”.  George White (1820-1886) deeded six acres at this site in 1861 for a meeting house.  The following year Shadrick J. Jackson (1830-1863) and his wife Sophronia deeded an adjacent four acres.  Soon lots were set aside for this cemetery.  The earliest marked grave is that of pioneer Alfred Harrington in 1862.  The second interment in 1862 was that of Charles Gough, who was on furlough from the Confederate Army.  In 1895 the Rowlett Creek Cemetery Association was formed.”

    Rowlett is believed to be the earliest Baptist Church in Collin County.  It became inactive in 1935 but had been influential in establishing many other churches, a number of which are still prominent in the North Texas area.

    (Note:  Some older graves were moved here from other sites)

    At the date of this November 2006 recording of the data there were over 1,700 entries.  Based on the 1971 recording there are several graves that were recorded then that cannot be located.  Either the grave markers were removed or the remains have been moved to another location.

    The cemetery was partially recorded in 1971 and in 1988-1989 section 1 and section 2 were redocumented.  We followed the exact same charting as was done for these two sections.

    Section one starts in the Southwest corner and goes north to the end of the first row.  Row two starts at the North and goes back to the south to the entry road.  The third row goes from the south to the north.

    Section 2 starts at the northwest corner at the entry road and goes to the south for row 1.  Row 2 also starts at the north end and goes to the south.  The third row goes from the south back to the road on the north.

    Sections 3 through 10 all start at the southwest corner of each section and go to the north end of the section.  This same mapping is done for every row.

    On the following page is an aerial photo with each section marked.  Earlier maps only showed nine sections; however, one entire section was omitted from these maps.

    This compilation of data was started on September 9-10, 2006 as the Eagle Scout Project of Brandon Carl Ross.  Thirty-seven Scouts and adults from Troop 999 in Plano recorded the information from the grave markers in each section of the cemetery on September 9th.  On September 10, three Scouts and four adults returned to complete the data gathering stage.  Each marker was digitally photographed and included with the data for each grave.  Over the next two months the information was placed in a data base.  At the completion of the project on November 25, 2006 each marker was double checked against the recorded information for errors.  All new graves were entered at this time.

    The following abbreviations were used:

    Type Column

    S = Single Marker

    DM = Double Marker

    TM = Triple Marker

    QM = Quad Marker

    F = Family Marker

    Design Art Column

    WOW = Woodman of the World

    Inscription Column

    MM = Military Marker

    Click on this link for burials Rowlett Cemetery Burial list.html

    Tombstone Photos

    Section 1 & 2, Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, Section 6, Section 7, Section 8, Section 9, Section 10

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